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Reimagining Ministry in the Digital Age

Fr. Cathie Caimano

Yes, I go by 'Father' - but you can call me Cathie or just your Free Range Priest.I've been an Episcopal priest for 23 years, and since 2016 I've been thinking about church and how there has to be a better way to share God's love in the world,A better way than continuing with the stress of declining numbers, declining funds, and institutional structure and mindset from the mid 20th century.In the digital age, there are better ways! It is my mission to find, fund, and support expressions of Christian faith and ministry that bring Good News to more people.Sign up below to be on my mailing list for blogs, ideas, and inspiration.


My work is reimagining part-time ministry, reimagining preaching, and reimagining digital ministry.All this is wrapped up in reimagining how we get paid for ministry, which I think is crucial for the future of church.If you'd like to be part of the reimagination, I'd love for you to join my mailing list and my community.If you'd like to talk more about your ministry, my ministry, and how we might work together, please sign up for a free ministry visioning session.

Hearts on Fire Spiritual Practices


Free Range Priest is a founding member of Hearts on Fire: Spiritual Practices for Ministry Innovators.This is an online platform like no other - it is a whole new way of being church. We call ourselves a digital monastery, and you can find spiritual creatives of al types here - and time to make space for your soul.Engage the Hearts on Fire Practices to deepen your relationship with God and others, and to discern your true calling and start designing it!Adapt these Practices to co-create the Platform with us - and find the spiritual, technical, and financial support you need to launch your own Ministry Innovation.Join through Free Range Priest to meet regularly for coaching and conversation around sustainable part-time ministry and other creative ways of serving congregations in the digital age.


Thoughts on church, reimagining ministry, and life as a Free Range Priest.
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