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Be the Change for Ministry

We all know it's time to be church in new ways.

10 ways to get paid

10 new ways to get paid for ministry

In this guide you will learn…

Why part-time is 2 Sundays a month

How to make one vocation out of multiple income streams

Why you don't have to choose between congregational and creative ministry

Institutions don't change. People do.

Hi! I'm Cathie Caimano (‘Fr. Cathie’).

I talk with ministers every day, and most of them are frustrated, exhausted, and scared.

They can't keep doing the same thing and expect the church to stop declining.

Most of them have lots of ideas of how to do it better - bring Good News to more people in ways that are sustainable, joyful, and faithful.

But lots of great ideas are met with: 'we can't do that.'

Free Range Priest was born from the idea that with God, nothing is impossible. Especially sharing God's love in a world that desperately needs it.

How do I know? I'm an Episcopal priest, ordained for over 20 years, and I've served four congregations across the US and on the staff of the (then) Bishop of North Carolina (you might have heard of him!)

Since January 2016 I've been coaching, consulting, teaching and non-stop dreaming about how to thrive in ministry in the digital age.

I've heard a lot of 'we can't'! But lately it feels like a lot of 'why don't we...' when it comes to sharing more Good News.

What do you call a female Episcopal priest?

Ready to enjoy letting go of ‘can't’ and embracing ‘let's try’ when it comes to your ministry?

Follow the 3 Steps to More Possible

Ministry Joy Free Range Priest

Do Less

Stop doing everything. Stop being ‘in charge.’ Find more peace in your own spiritual life as you reconnect with what’s most important.

What do you call a female priest?

Love More

Let ministry be your focus, not administration. Focus on ministry content and share it within and beyond the congregation.

Digital Ministry joy

Embrace Abundance

Reimagine getting paid for your ministry. Letting go of fear that money isn’t ‘spiritual’ will help you see new paths towards sustainability.

Free Range Priest Helps You Rediscover the
Joy of Ministry

Free Range Priest Helps You Rediscover the Joy of Ministry

Creative Ministry Community

Bring Church to People Community

It's easy to feel stuck - and alone - trying to make the changes that we need in order for ministry to thrive.
Ready to collaborate with others who are doing and being church in new ways?

Free Range Priest coaching
Bring Church to People

Digital Ministry Rehab

Most congregations are still trying to administer programs, finances, and organizational systems made for a different era. Let's use a few digital tools to make it much easier to run the church of today.

Creative Ministry Directory

Are you looking to collaborate with a Creative Minister?

Find consultants, coaches, church tech gurus, spiritual directors, retreat leaders and more in the Creative Ministry Directory.

Join the Bring Church to People Community to become a member!

Some Of The Joy We’ve Helped Ministers Find

Fr. Cathie has been immensely helpful to me in sorting through the overwhelming possibilities of using technology for my coaching and consulting ministry.

The Rev. Becky Swanson

Not Fainthearted Coaching

Fr. Cathie understands I’m called to be a minister in an emerging context but not a marketing or small business expert. She meets me where I am with sustainable solutions.

The Rev. Sarah D. Hollar

Being, Becoming Beloved Ministries

Fr. Cathie provided our community an opportunity to discern how God is calling us away from what is no longer practical and into new life, proclaiming the Good News in vibrant new ways!

The Rev. Peter Faass

Rector Christ Episcopal Church Shaker Heights, OH

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