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exercise your spirit

Exercise your Spirit

By Father Cathie Caimano | July 4, 2022

How church can be more like the gym – and engage members in new ways.

Does your church have a ‘tech stack?’

By Father Cathie Caimano | May 27, 2022

A ‘tech stack’ is ‘the collection of tools, platforms, apps, and pieces of software a company uses to build its products, carry out its business operations, and monitor its performance metrics,’ according to Hubspot. It’s the intentional use and integration of technology into the work a business does, in order to make it easier, more…

Circle community

Turning Digital Ministry Inside Out

By Father Cathie Caimano | May 18, 2022

Website, social media, streaming worship, newsletters. Instead of sending all your ministry content out (and not knowing who it’s reaching), a new platform lets you gather people into your own online community space. One of the fun things about being a Free Range Priest is that I get to try out new technology! Lots of…

Stewardship. Outreach. Committee. Volunteer. Livestream.

5 Church Words I’m No Longer Using

By Father Cathie Caimano | May 17, 2022

Stewardship. Outreach. Committee. Volunteer. Livestream. At the beginning of the year, I made a resolution for my ministry. I was thinking about reimagining ministry – how so many things about church are not working like they used to. So I decided to reexamine some of the programs and systems that almost every church has, and…

clergy burnout: the truth our souls are telling us

Clergy Burnout: the Truth our Souls are Telling us

By Father Cathie Caimano | May 2, 2022

Our pain is a warning sign that something is wrong. It’s time to listen.

10 things Christians do

10 Things Christians do

By Father Cathie Caimano | April 7, 2022

There’s LOTS of disagreement about what Christians actually believe. Here’s some things that we pretty much all DO.

10 ways to get paid

10 new ways to get paid for ministry

In this guide you will learn…

Why part-time is 2 Sundays a month

How to make one vocation out of multiple income streams

Why you don't have to choose between congregational and creative ministry