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Embrace Abundance

Free Range Priest

Church stats to smile about

By Father Cathie Caimano | August 17, 2022

A small – and growing! – percentage of clergy are now officially ‘free range priests’. New ways of being church are happening.

'Tentmaker, 'Non-Stipendiary', and 'Bi-Vocational'

‘Tentmaker’, ‘Non-Stipendiary’, and ‘Bi-vocational’

By Father Cathie Caimano | June 6, 2022

Whatever word we use for it, not being paid for our ministry is not ok.
And it never was.

What Linkedin thinks I'm worth

What LinkedIn Thinks I’m Worth

By Father Cathie Caimano | March 26, 2022

Like so many, they are programmed to believe that what clergy do is serve in congregations, mostly for low pay, and that we don’t mind ‘volunteering’ for things because we are not in it for the money.

Clergy must be paid

Clergy Must be Paid

By Father Cathie Caimano | March 26, 2022

Not paying clergy for their ministry is hurting the church and those who serve it.

10 ways to get paid

10 new ways to get paid for ministry

In this guide you will learn…

Why part-time is 2 Sundays a month

How to make one vocation out of multiple income streams

Why you don't have to choose between congregational and creative ministry