Bring Church to People

People aren’t coming to church like they used to. Why not learn how to bring it to them?

Online church community

Dream. Create. Find more JOY.

  • An online space for creativity, innovation, rest, and prayer.
  • A supportive community of ministers serving God and our neighbors in new ways.
  • Practical re-imagination of serving with congregations, in creative/entrepreneurial ministry, or a little bit of both.
  • Real talk about getting paid for your ministry - and real opportunities for collaboration and promotion.


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What if there was a place to find Creative Ministers? If you needed a church website specialist or a digital silent retreat leader or you wanted training, coaching, consulting, or spiritual direction? Wouldn't it be great to connect directly with those offering new ways of connecting us to God's love?

And if you are a Creative Minister, wouldn't it be great to have others share your ministry with the people who need it?

One of the benefits of Bring Church to People is inclusion in the Directory! It's public and shareable (your individual page and the whole group).


Join the BC2P Community and be welcomed into an online...

ministry lab


Be part of our Creative Ministry Directory.

Meet others doing church in new ways.

Resources for real-world application of ministry ideas.

online workshop


Space to create your unique ministry.

Get feedback from other creative ministers.

Collaborate and support new types of ministry.

sacred space

Sacred Space

Sit with us, rest and dream.

We take sabbath seriously (joyfully!).

Dedicated prayer space.

Hi! I’m Cathie Caimano, ‘Fr. Cathie’,

and I started my own Creative Ministry - Free Range Priest - in 2016.

One thing I’ve learned over the years - we’re building the plane and flying at the same time.

We’re trying to change how we ‘do’ church - how we learn to ‘be’ church - in new ways, and we’re often doing it alone, without a guide.

And ... we’re worried about whether we can pay our bills - or continue to pay them - if we leap into something new. We’ve definitely never done it this way before!


I started the Bring Church to People Community to bring Creative Ministers together for encouragement and support, collaboration and promotion, prayer and rest, wisdom and growth.

Come join this band of spiritual adventurers and learn what we know - and help us learn from you!

There’s still no guidebook, but you’ll be on the adventure with others who hear the call to share Good News in new ways.

bring church to people

Start Bringing Church to People

Be part of a unique and important community designed for people like you - Creative Ministers engaging others with the love of God in new ways.

Whether you’re part-time in a small congregation (or more than one!), full-time with a side-gig, entrepreneurial, or just trying to figure out where and how the church is growing online, join us for more inspiration, more Jesus, more JOY, and more rest.

You’ll find new purpose for your ministry and new colleagues for the road ahead.

You'll join an online combination of workshop, lab, and sacred space and a group of ministers with the wild, adventurous goal of changing the church - and bring church to people!

'Yeah, but..."

'What I appreciate about Bring Church to People is the warmth and sense of community in this space. Even digital communities can fall into the trap of being a competitive space and pushing a product. This community is a space for relationship, encouragement, and cheering one another on. I love being a part!'

- Laura B Murray

Digital Silent Retreats

'BC2P is exactly the kind of space that the church needs. For those interested in building a new future for a dwindling institution, it's the perfect place to envision possibilities, collaborate, and get very practical advice.This community is quickly becoming something like an agency for spiritual entrepreneurs that you have 24/7 access to.


- Bo McGuffee

Evolving Christian Faith Network

BC2P is for you if ...

You’re thinking about new ways of serving your ministry, but don’t know where to start.

You’re looking for help developing and promoting your ideas for ministry - within and beyond the congregation.

You’d love to meet others who are also sharing Good News in new ways - to learn from them and share ideas.

It’s not for you if…

You don’t believe the institutional church is in steep decline and undergoing massive change.

You believe in doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.

You’re not ready for doing and being church in new ways.

10 ways to get paid

10 new ways to get paid for ministry

In this guide you will learn…

Why part-time is 2 Sundays a month

How to make one vocation out of multiple income streams

Why you don't have to choose between congregational and creative ministry