Creative Minister of the Month – Daphne Reiley

Daphne Reiley

How do you Bring Church to People? Meet our Creative Minister of the Month.

I met Daphne Reiley the way I meet a lot of people – online.

She responded to one of my blog posts, got in touch, and we had a Zoom get together. I was immediately drawn to her.

Even though we’ve never been in the same room together, I could just feel the light come through her.

She’s a natural healer and describes one of her greatest joys as ‘listening’.

Daphne is a new breed of minister, but she’s grounded in tradition. She’s a seminary graduate and is awaiting ordination in the United Church of Christ. She has certification in spiritual direction, spiritual formation, and pastoral care.

She’s also a true Creative Minister. One of the first stories she told me was about creating a healing liturgy for a friend that included foot washing. She’s the minister you call when you want a prayer service – or to get married! – with your family and friends in the backyard.

Or if you’re a small church struggling with how to thrive in ministry.

Daphne’s ministry is called Ripples of Grace, and it’s ‘all about bringing God’s grace to isolated folk and small churches so that they remain aware of God’s Presence and Love and their part in it.’

I was really taken with her call to ‘isolated folks’.

As the church changes – and declines – we’re finding new ways to create community and connect others with the love of God. Ironically, this can make us feel more alone! It’s hard to know how to connect with others, and how to reach across denominations and church walls and find others who are doing the same things.

That’s why I started Bring Church to People. It’s an online community for those who are being and doing church in new ways. I wanted to feel less alone in my own ministry, so I started gathering others who were doing similar things, and who could use a space for encouragement, prayer, advice, and support. And listening.

I want to support everyone who’s doing Creative Ministry, so I’ve decided to highlight someone from the group each month. I want to share what they’re doing – to help them connect with others who might need their ministry. And I want to share with you the kinds of people you’ll find in Bring Church to People. In case you might need to feel less alone in your ministry.

I also created the Creative Ministry Directory – for if you’re searching for spiritual services or other church-related help, or you want to share your own ministry with others. Every subscribing member of the group is eligible for the Directory.

I asked Daphne what drew her to the group, and what keeps her there: ”Having sustained conversation with folks on various topics has helped me focus and re-focus on what it is that I was folks to know,” she said.

”Right now I don’t have a ready audience to share stuff with — sometimes not thoroughly thought out stuff. That’s what’s great about this group. If I share something that isn’t already “perfect,” I don’t worry because whatever feedback I get will help me get it to where I want it.”

If you know a small church – or anyone feeling spiritually isolated – you can reach Daphne through her website or through the Directory.

If you’re ready to start ‘doing and being church in new ways‘, come join a community where you’re not alone.

Ready for the future of church?

Join  Bring Church to People  and be part of the community of Ministry Innovators.

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