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Does putting your bulletin together give you a headache every Sunday?

Are you still answering your landline and trying to follow an endless email or text chain?

Are you struggling to get to the most meaningful parts of your ministry because there's so much other 'stuff' to be done first? (meetings and minutes and budgets and notes and receipts and announcements...)

So many congregations still try to run their administration like a mid-20th century organization - without the staff or the resources (or the need) to cover all the office work.

Then we take digital technology and simply add it to all the other work we have to do.

It adds up to exhaustion!

Hi! I’m Cathie Caimano,

and I'm on a mission to make your ministry easier.

Lots of ministries see tech as an ‘add on’ - something that happens in addition to the everyday work of the church.

Using building construction as an analogy, it's like sticking a new room onto the building without thinking about how the whole design comes together.

The problem: just like with an actual building project, it can get pretty haphazard and actually keep things from working well for what you do.

You can end up doing twice the work - creating bulletins, schedules, financial plans, emails in the old system, while also trying to maintain a website, a social media presence, and a video presence for worship.

The way I see it, it's time for a rehab!

  • Let's rethink the work we actually have to do (not everything we used to do decades ago).
  • Let's learn to use a few simple digital tools that make our work easier.

  • And let go of some old ways of thinking about and organizing our work (goodbye, copier!).
  • And together we can streamline your ministry systems and let in the light!
Digital Ministry Rehab

Lots of churches think they’re not ‘tech savvy’...

but they’re using a 10 year-old computer someone’s cousin gave them and an old version of Microsoft Word to make the bulletin. They’re paying way too much for a copier to make 100 copies that will mostly be recycled.

They’re filling out forms by hand and have no idea who’s in charge of their website - have you seen your website lately??

But it’s overwhelming to think about how to use new digital tools and it must be expensive.

In the meantime, we're spending so much energy and time on things like emails, scheduling, reports, newsletters, and finances that each require a different system and login.

And it’s usually just a handful of people who know where everything is.

What happens when they’re not available? Or when a new leader comes in?

Here’s the good news:

It's not the tech - it's how we use it.

How we think about the work we need to do - and how a few digital tools can make that work easier and more affordable.

We can remodel the work of our ministry from the ground up - using today's tools to make everything brighter.

It’s a big leap - and just like home rehab, you can rip everything out and start from scratch, or you can go room by room.

And you can dyi!

But it also helps to have an architect and a contractor with a vision.

Digital Ministry joy

Free Range Priest is your digital ministry
architect and designer.

Together, we can assess your needs, work on a system that you can use and afford, and train you and your whole community to use it and have FUN with it - so you can spend more time doing ministry and less time making copies and sending emails.


Digital Ministry Rehab

digital ministry rehab

Make a Plan

You wouldn’t remodel your house without some blueprints!
Let’s start by laying out what you want and need for ministry.

Have Fun with
'Demo Day'

Everyone loves to pick up a sledgehammer and knock down some walls! We’ll pick some things you can get rid of that are holding you back and kick them to the curb.

Space and Light

Transforming a physical space is all about making it work better.
We’ll do the same with the technology you use for ministry.

See What's Included...

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Online Meetings

4 online meetings with Free Range Priest. Let's get to know you, your ministry, and where things are challenging for you.

Project Workbook

Workbook with guided tasks for organizing your ministries needs. Let's get to what's most important and how to get it done more efficiently.

Creative Ministry Community
Free Range Priest coaching


Assessment of your current systems for getting ministry done and how they are working for you. Feedback on how to adjust your thinking about ministry for the church you are - and the resources you have - today.


Recommendations for online tools and platforms best suited for your needs and for implementation and training - you don’t have to do it alone!

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Start Thriving in Ministry

Consulting fee: $175/hour. Total project price varies with needs/implementation

Adjust project to fit your budget
  • 4 online meetings with Free Range Priest
  • Workbook with guided tasks for organizing your ministries needs
  • Assessment of your current digital ministry
  • Recommendations for online tools and platforms best suited for your needs and for implementation and training (you don’t have to do it alone!)

'Yeah but...'

What Clients Are Saying

‘I have so many new ideas for my ministry! I think a change of mindset is really important, to realize it's a lot easier than I thought to make changes and expand digital ministry.’

- the Rev. Paula Rachal

Working with Fr. Cathie, I was able to flesh out ideas to develop a more concrete ministry and actually create something new.

The Rev. Matthew Buterbaugh

Small Church Solutions

'At this rate (of decline), there will be no one in worship by around 2050 in the entire denomination.'

- The Rev. Dr. Dwight Zscheile

Free Range Priest

It’s not just the Episcopal Church. The institutional way we’ve organized the faith has been declining since the mid-20th century. Today it is barely hanging on.

SO much of what we need to reimagine is about the stuff of ministry - schedules and organization and administration and finances.

The good news is there are new digital tools aimed at small businesses (which is what lots of churches are organizationally) to make running them easier and more affordable.

Using just a few new tools takes the burden off you and lets you spend more time doing actual ministry - sharing the love of God with others.

This IS for you if…

You like the concept of Digital Ministry but aren’t sure how it applies to your situation.

You adapted quickly to ‘Zoom church’ and live streaming but are ready for a more integrated (and easier!) way to use technology in your ministry.

You’re a small congregation or other ministry, with a limited budget and time, and you’d like to reorganize what you do for the church you are today (not 50 years ago!).

This is NOT for you if…

You have absolutely no interest in Digital Ministry.

You’re fine filing paper reports and using an answering machine with your landline.

You really don’t believe the church is undergoing a steep decline and a seismic change.

The future of church is in our hands.

We can meet the challenges of the current church system and focus on bringing the Good News of God’s love in ways that transform lives. To do this, we have to look honestly at what is no longer working, and move courageously towards reimagining our ministry in creative ways.

Digital Ministry Rehab helps you do this with confidence and joy.