10 New ways to get paid for ministry

In this guide you will learn…

Why part-time is 2 Sundays a month

How to make one vocation out of multiple income streams

Why you don't have to choose between congregational and creative ministry

This Guide Includes...

Making Ministry Sustainable

All types of ministry

lay and ordained; with congregations and creative; part-time and full-time, online and in-person.

Free Range Priest

Real life examples

How Free Range Priest makes ministry sustainable by serving in multiple places and ways.

ministry lab


Even if 'we've never done it this way', we can rethink how (and why) being paid for ministry matters.

Let's talk about Ministry and Money

And one thing I know about reimagining ministry in the digital age is this: we have to start reimagining how we compensate clergy (and lay ministers).

Fewer and fewer congregations can afford full-time salaries - even part-time salaries. But we still need to share Good News, and we still need our service to be sustainable.

It's time to push past our discomfort with talking about money and ministry - for the good of the church! And the faithful people who serve it.

Ready to start thinking about new ways of being paid for your work?

Fr. Cathie Caimano