Lots of clergy burn out trying to do ‘everything.’

What if the future of church is about serving only as you are called?

Has your ministry become more stress than joy?

Hi! I'm Cathie Caimano (‘Fr. Cathie’).

Many clergy I serve with find they’re so busy with the ‘stuff’ of church (buildings/budgets/membership/technology) they hardly have time for their own prayer lives, much less devoting more energy into bringing others closer to God.

This causes alienation from their sense of call - their own unique gifts for bearing Good News - and if it goes on too long, they end up burned out. Also, stuck!

Lots of ministers can’t afford to leave behind the salary and benefits that support them, or can’t bear to set aside the ministry they love for other work (or both!).

Father Cathie

Imagine being able to serve as you were called without the stress of the declining church system…

I help my clients reimagine ministry so they can focus on sharing God’s love within and beyond the congregation without the stress of institutional demands.

Ready to enjoy letting go of ‘have to’ and embracing ‘get to’ when it comes to your ministry?

Follow the 3 Steps to More JOY

Cathie at beach

Do Less

Stop doing everything. Stop being ‘in charge.’ Find more peace in your own spiritual life as you reconnect with what’s most important.

Father Cathie at beach standing next to cross

Love More

Find your six-word mission for connecting others with the love of God. Clarifying your call will bring you closer to fulfilling it.

coffee cup and laptop

Embrace Abundance

Reimagine getting paid for your ministry. Letting go of fear that money isn’t ‘spiritual’ will help you see new paths towards sustainability.

Free Range Priest Helps You Rediscover the
Joy of Ministry

Free Range Priest Helps You Rediscover the Joy of Ministry

man holding phone looking at red cross

Bring Church to People

Designed to make it easy for clergy who want to thrive in ministry - within or beyond the congregation - without stress or overwhelm.

female watching Father Cathie on laptop

BC2P plus Coaching

Need more personalized feedback and support? Get the course plus coaching without taking months to find your direction.

Cathie recording in studio

Virtual Speaking and Retreats

Engaging groups with creative ideas and possibilities for reimagining ministry, without the same ideas from an old system.

Some Of The Joy We’ve Helped Ministers Find

Fr. Cathie has been immensely helpful to me in sorting through the overwhelming possibilities of using technology for my coaching and consulting ministry.

The Rev. Becky Swanson

Not Fainthearted Coaching

Fr. Cathie understands I’m called to be a minister in an emerging context but not a marketing or small business expert. She meets me where I am with sustainable solutions.

The Rev. Sarah D. Hollar

Being, Becoming Beloved Ministries

Fr. Cathie provided our community an opportunity to discern how God is calling us away from what is no longer practical and into new life, proclaiming the Good News in vibrant new ways!

The Rev. Peter Faass

Rector Christ Episcopal Church Shaker Heights, OH

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