Preaching course

How's your preaching?

You've developed a preaching style over years. Then church went online and you learned to preach on social media. You've got the tech down - but has it changed your style?

If you're still reading from a manuscript, it may be time to consider how the digital age has changed the craft of preaching. With shorter attention spans and access to more information than ever before (and way less theology...), today's listeners need a clear message of Good News. And why it matters to to their lives.

Hi! I’m Cathie Caimano,

and I have great love for church tech and preaching. For 6 years I produced '2 Minutes of Good News', a short summary of my sermon on social media every Monday morning.

I've taught preaching with the CALL program at the Church Divinity School of the Pacific for just as long.

I've developed the Triangle Preaching Process (Scripture, situation, self), and adapted it for Get to the Good News, an online, asynchronous course through CALL for experienced preachers who want to:

  • Engage a media savvy (and theology-starved) congregation.
  • Craft sermons that work from the pulpit and social media.
  • Sum up their main point in 60-seconds - and leave listeners powerfully impacted by the love of God.
  • Quit the bad preaching habits they’ve carried over from last century!


The goal of this course is to inject new life and more Good News into your preaching process and delivery!


Center for Anglican Learning & Leadership - CALL

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Individual 8-week courses are $245. Sign up through CALL for Get to the Good News or other Winter term courses. Registration opens November 22, 2022.